Training in Scotland

My plan for 2018 was to travel around the country, run on as many different types of terrain and to visit as many parts of the route I will take in my record attempt as possible.

Time restraints were always going to make this difficult which is why I am still looking for a sponsor to help me train full time for my run. However, when training for the type of challenge I plan to undertake, there is no time for excuses! So, 2 days ago, I drove all night (12 hours in total), went 32 hours with no sleep so I can spend a week in Scotland near to the area I will go through towards the end of my world record attempt.

My first ever run in Scotland covered 11 miles in the snow. My feet were sitting in a pool of water that built up inside my trainers, my hands were cold and my sweat was actually freezing in my hair! That being said, I was treated to some amazing views and I really hope that my route allows me to take in more sights like these.



Running towards the mountain



Snow covered trees



Mountains in the distance


I have more planned runs for this week to make the most of this opportunity to take in some scenery and to get used to running on different terrain.

I still hope to travel around the country more to help prepare myself for what is to come at the end of September. Hopefully a sponsor will be willing to get involved which will allow me to have more free time for this to be a possibility. Until then I will do all I can and travel as much as I can in order to give myself the most chance of being successful in my world record attempt.