The Year Ahead

2017 is coming to a close. It’s a scary thought that a little over 3 months ago, I had just finished chemotherapy and came up with the idea of trying to break the world record for fastest journey on foot from Lands End to John O’Groats!

Fast forward to now and I am fully recovered, training hard and working on the record attempt in much finer detail.

The last 3 months really have gone quickly and I am very aware of how quickly the next 9 months will go and I will be beginning my journey from one end of the country to the other!

I am also aware of how much is left to do in order to make my attempt successful.

I am still hoping to gain sponsorship in order to train full time and really get the message out there about testicular cancer. This is probably the biggest challenge I am facing (with the exception of the run itself!)

I need to plan and finalise the route I will be taking. This needs to be submitted to Guinness World Records before I start my run. This is something I hope to get sorted by the end of January 2018 as it will play a huge part in the level of success I achieve in my  record attempt.

Then, it is just a matter of sorting a support vehicle and team members.

There is so much work to be done, so much training and so much planning. It might seem pretty overwhelming but my motivation is still high. I know why I am doing this and it is all about working with BallBoys to raise awareness and help people to realise that it is ok to talk about balls!

2018 has the potential to be an amazing year and I want it to be the year I finally become a world record holder and the year people start talking about testicular cancer.

So for now….it’s back to the hard work and getting prepared for an awesome year ahead!