Planned Races For 2018 So Far…

When I decided to attempt to break the world record for fastest journey on foot from Lands End to John O’Groats, I didn’t really think about what my year would look like up until the start of the run. I knew there would be a lot of running involved but I never realised how seriously I would be taking this and how many opportunities would present themselves along the way.

One part of my training for this year is taking part in various races in the build up to the big run at the end of September.

Here is what my race schedule looks like so far (bear in mind, it is highly likely that quite a bit more will be added in coming weeks)

March 28th – Dinton Challenge

This is a 6 hour timed event where I will see how many miles I can cover in 6 hours. This will be my first big test to see how my body deals with running for extended periods of time.

April 28th – Wolf Run

A short 10k obstacle race. This isn’t a timed event and I am participating as part of a ‘pack’ so it should be good fun and a good workout for the rest of my body

May 6th – Alton Water 10k

Again, another short race which will knock off some of the miles I plan to cover that day. I enjoy doing some shorter races to mix things up a little bit. While they might not be challenging distance wise, I find the different terrains, weather conditions etc useful training for the record attempt.

June 16th – Suffolk Trail Festival – 24 Hour Endurance Race

This is the one that will highlight whether I am on track for the world record attempt or if I need to adapt my training. Running for 24 hours will give me a great insight into how I will feel each day during the record attempt. It will also give me the opportunity to practice eating and drinking on the go. This will mark almost 3 months until my Lands End to John O’Groats run begins

September 16th – Great East Run

My final race before the big one! A half marathon so not a huge distance but it will be one of my last reasonable distance runs before I begin my journey up the length of the country. I will be taking it easy to avoid any injury and enjoying what will hopefully be my last 2 weeks of not being a world record holder!


This is what my running diary looks like currently. I am running pretty much every day so these events are a nice way of helping me fight off boredom as I prepare for the big one!