Making The News

Today was the first time my story and goals were shared with thousands of people in my local area. I was lucky enough to have my story picked up by a local newspaper.

Yesterday, a photographer came round and took some photographs of me. This is massively out of my comfort zone but as all of this is for a very good cause, I decided to suck it up and have the photos taken. Shortly after the photos were taken, I had a phone interview with the reporter who put my story into the words that ultimately ended up in the newspaper.

I ended up covering the majority of page 3 of 2 different newspapers so it has been a productive day in terms of getting word out there of what I am doing. More importantly, the article gave me my first big opportunity to start talking to people about testicular cancer and about the work that Ballboys do to raise awareness.

Hopefully this will be the start of really getting the ball rolling with things and plans will start coming together. There is still so much to do but spreading the word has begun and if all goes well, more people are talking about testicular cancer tonight.

Rob Harvey

The article focused mainly on my short journey through testicular cancer and why I chose to try and break this world record


Rob Harvey

I even got a little preview ad promoting the article!


I have received a number of very nice comments and messages through social media and I really am grateful for all of these.  Being the centre of attention is not really for me but I am happy to put myself out there in order to get people talking about testicular cancer.

Thank you to anyone who read the article in the paper and thank you to anyone who has supported me so far in this crazy journey that I have somehow ended up on!