Here We Go Again…

The start of 2018 will mark the start of the 9 month countdown to the beginning of my World Record Attempt. When I began planning, I had over a year to ensure everything went to plan on My Big Run. However, time flies, and now I am facing up to the reality that the coming 9 months will fly by too and before I know it, I will be stood next to the Lands End sign with the clock about to begin!

January 2018 will see my training go up in intensity, my planning hours increase and my positive mindset work intensify.


My nutrition will be looked at in greater detail as this is currently the weakest point of my preparations. I will be looking to work with nutritionists and fitness professionals to help find the perfect fuel for my body during my training and, more importantly, during the record attempt.

Time and Distance

The amount of time I spend running and the number of miles I cover will increase. This has to happen. In a couple of months I want to be able to complete a marathon at record pace and a couple of months after that I want to complete two marathons back to back (sounds intimidating right?). Finding the hours to get these miles in will be a challenge in itself but I will find a way as the cause is well worth it!

The Route

Planning the route for my record attempt almost intimidates me as much as the run itself! Ultimately, the success of the run will come down to finding the quickest route that meets all of the guidelines set by Guinness World Records. This is probably the area I need most help with as, in all honesty, knowing where to begin is a big question I am asking.

One part of route planning I am looking forward to is actually going and running along it during my training. I think this will be a key component to success as I can make myself very familiar with the route before starting out along it in September.

What now?

For now, my training plan is fairly simple – keep running! My body is going to take a beating over the coming months so the best way to prepare is to run and run some more until it becomes the norm for my muscles and my mind.

2018 will see lots of exciting developments and lots more to share on this blog and on my social media. I hope you find my journey exciting and I hope it gets you all talking about testicular cancer!