A New Approach to Training

My training for my world record attempt officially began about three months ago. While I have had some good results, I have also realised that there are some things I need to change in order to give myself the most chance of being successful on my Lands End to John O’Groats run. One big thing that I have now changed with my training is the addition of a running Coach/Mentor in the form of Sarah from The Running Academy.

The Running Academy

The Running Academy

Sarah and I first made contact via Twitter. We then had a good phone conversation and that was all it took for me to realise she is exactly the person I need helping me with my training. Sarah has been kind enough to design me a training program that is realistic but challenging. It allows me to simply focus on running without having to work out how far I should be running or what I need to be doing each day.

Another little treat that Sarah has given me is the guidance that I should be entering endurance races. Sarah asked me if I had any races booked in between now an September. I answered honestly with the very naive answer of ‘Yes, I have a 10k obstacle race booked for April” Her advice made complete sense; even if it is a little bit daunting. “You need to be entering endurance races and getting your body used to taking on longer distances”

Sarah has encouraged me to set short term goals that build up to the ultimate goal of the world record in September. My first short term goal is a 6 hour endurance race on March 28th. I have 6 hours to run as far as I can. The minimum distance I am allowing myself to cover is a marathon with the aim of continuing on after that distance so I can get a really good idea of how my body reacts to running more than 30 miles.

This will be a fantastic starting point to then progress my training on past marathon distances and into the world of ultra marathons. From there it is hopefully on to even greater distances until I can cover 100 miles a day for 9 days!

My new training plan meant I covered almost marathon distance over the last 2 days and I actually really enjoyed it. My legs feel good and it has been great motivation to cover longer distances.

Today’s run of 14 miles was in the snow! It was snowing for every single one of the miles. I had a friend run with me and we were enjoying the feeling of running in the snow for a while but it wasn’t quite as enjoyable towards the end of the run when we were soaked through! However, we still pushed on and finished a great run.

Rob and Jack

14 Miles running in the snow and still looking fresh!

Bring on a new week of running…..